My productive Afternoon

Today I’m looking for new merchants to add to our brand. I’m also looking into coming up different style categories such as, pinup, vintage, goth, just to name a few.

I’m also changing how we categorize our products. There will more so collections than separate categories. I like that better and gives it better for SP and the way we present our products.

I’m also working on getting more interaction on here and not just for selling purposes, I wanna mingle with potential customers and anyone else interested in SP.


Holiday Gifts

Sophisticated Pleasures is having a Holiday Gift collection sale. Our Holiday Collection is being sold as 1, 2 or 3pcs sets. The more pieces the better that price. Well will be posting them along with sizes, price and description, also how to place your order.

Fellas these are great gifts for the holiday and also a gift that keeps on giving. You’ll both be able to enjoy the gift.

Holiday Collection