New Direction

Being as though I’ve found a permanent home for Sophisticated Pleasures I’m trying to figure out what to do with this site? I wanted to blog but with getting an online boutique together, I won’t have the time. Besides, blogging isn’t what it is right, when there’s Youtube. I have suggested to a Youtube channel, but that just not me. I don’t really want the spotlight I’m cool in the background.

Anyway I’ve been thinking about using my little site to advertise businesses in Philly, black businesses, and businesses of my choice. Everybody could use the opportunity to get in the eyes of the right people and even though I have a small following, I still have a platform.

So on the coming days I’ll be posting businesses, business owners stories, IG pages, and all that good stuff. I’ll continue to post about my journey into the lingerie industry, along with posting featured items to sell on here.

Well that’s my update for now.

Shop Now!!

Sophisticated Pleasures has found a new home, Volusion. I’ll post items here but JReid will no longer be the primary source for SP items. It will however list sales products, featured products, and different things related to lingerie and anything else on my mind.

I’ve paid for this site and have to put it to use some way some how. I’ve beeen all over the place trying to get this business thing together and so far I’ve been doing a good job.  Business isn’t booming yet, but I think I’m about to start a new journey into the world of business! I’m so positive and grateful to be in the position, I’ve come a long way  and I’m enjoying the growth. With so muvh more to do and bigger plans everyday I’m working on growing Sophisticated Pleasures.

So back to work I go. Oh yea head over to my boutique for 15% off first purchase use Code: FIRSTPURCH

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Changed and Improvements!!

We’ve moved to Shopify!!!! We have a better collection and Plus Size available also. Please check is out and shop at You’ll love of selection!!!!

Keeping Women Sexy One Piece at a Time!!!


So as you all know I like to post about my journey into entrepreneurship. Well yesterday I recieved my EIN and I’m super excited. Just a step closer to having things in order. At this moment the tiniest bit of progress made satisfies me. I look at it as a step closer.

I have my offical account with merchant I’ve been using and I’m looking into another one and since I can’t get a business loan and my Gofundme isn’t doing well, I’ve applied for a line of credit and hope one of the two come through for me. If not I’ll just find another way to over this funding obstacle. I’ve been reaching out to family to help also, but to no avail. But its going to come together for me, watch and see.

I’m slso thinking about doing this one on one class work a serial entrepreneur by the name of Micosjewelrybox. I love her Instagram page she puts you onto information people seem to wanna holds to themselves. So for that I’ll be drawing up a business plan. I’m also going to start a survey to better manage my inventory, look for that soon also. I’ll post it here and on my social media accounts.

Well thats all for now and remember I have stockings for sale $5 to $8!!!!