Definition of sexy?

What’s your definition of sexy? Sexy is a adjective used to describe someone or something. Sexually appealing. Many people think there’s only one kind of sexy and perfection, but that’s far from the truth, sexy is is wat more than just visual. The way a person speaks, walks, simply smile, can all be considered sexy.

I like to be considered sexy, I enjoy having sex appeal, I’m the leave to to the imagination type of sexy though. A sophisticated, classy sexy, I’ll give you  just enough to have you guessing, and yes its purposely. That’s sexy to me. There’s no need to be half naked or completely nude to be considered sexy.  Neither do you have to have a stacked body, embrace yourself and all your sexy.


I’m trying to get onto the flow of having a blog associated with my lingerie boutique. Remembering to post everyday and coming up with topics is where I get stuck and I’m not sure why. I’m great with conversation and current on just about everything, i just get stuck once it’s time to post.

One of my plans is to buy a memo note pad and have it handy during the course of tbe day. I’ll start writing down my topic and little notes to go with it, that should help. I have to take a designated time and commit to posting probably about 3 times a day.

I’m trying to get the hang of this stuff, when social media becomes work it isn’t as fun anymore, lol.

New Collection

So excited to share this news, SP has been approved for European made luxury lingerie, and yes I’m hype as ever! I haven’t had the time to set down and shop yet but believe me you’re going to love it.

Luxury Lingerie was in the future for SP because we are a new company and luxury brands were turning us down, left and right. Today we were approved and can’t to introduce Sophisticated Luxuries.

Why European?

It’s a competitive industry with social media ads and influencers you have to stand out, let people know why your different and why they should buy from you. Online business especially.

Upscale polished producers are becoming more and more important. Their designs are eagerly bought and the quality of Polish products is praised around the world. Polished producers clothing is made according to modern, trendy, yet comfortable and stylish designs. It is sewn of natural materials, which significantly improves the quality of clothes and underwear. That’s why Polish clothing is very durable and long-lasting.


Good morning!

Up and at it this.  As an entrepreneur my work hours are way longer now, but more enjoyable. I get up every morning happy about work, rather I make a sell or not.

Yesterday The Crayon Case cosmetic line owner, SupaCent made a million dollars in a half hour, if that wasn’t motivation for me I don’t know what is. I’m proud like it was me, but it is a win for a women like me also. We come from similar single mother backgrounds, mopping floors and stuff to take care of home, so to see her reach this point lets me know it possible to take SP all the way to the top. Congrats Supa!!!

An example of what the black dollar can do!!

Great News!

Our website is back up and running, however I will still be active here on but it just isn’t working for SP store. To hard to input information and too time consuming. Just isn’t the right platform. Example, me having to ask you to comment at checkout with your size, who wants to go through all of that?

I’ve tried to use this site to also engage with my customers but that haven’t seemed to work so I’m thinking of a way to adequately use this site to help with SP customers shopping experience. You can still make purchases from here or on our site at Sophisticated Pleasures.

Happy Black Friday

Hey everyone! Enjoy our sale from today through Monday with 15-30% off no codes needed. Please click the Black Friday link from the menu to be directed to our items that are up for sale. Shop only the Black Friday page for savings.


Our Holiday Bundle collection is still on sale at it’s regular sale price, there’s no additional sale on those items. Click the Bundle Sale to view collections.

TOP SAVINGS!!! Leather Collection. Our 100% leather lingerie collection has our most expensive items so please take advantage of sale. Stuff is going fast so hurry before items are sold out completely. Once our items are sold out its gone for a while. We can however keep you updated on restock, if item is being restocked at all.

Throughout the weekend we will constantly be adding new items and bigger savings. Come shop with us!!