Definition of sexy?

What’s your definition of sexy? Sexy is a adjective used to describe someone or something. Sexually appealing. Many people think there’s only one kind of sexy and perfection, but that’s far from the truth, sexy is is wat more than just visual. The way a person speaks, walks, simply smile, can all be considered sexy.

I like to be considered sexy, I enjoy having sex appeal, I’m the leave to to the imagination type of sexy though. A sophisticated, classy sexy, I’ll give you  just enough to have you guessing, and yes its purposely. That’s sexy to me. There’s no need to be half naked or completely nude to be considered sexy.  Neither do you have to have a stacked body, embrace yourself and all your sexy.

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Owner of Sophisticated Pleasures Online Lingerie Emporium. New entrepreneur with big plans for my company and brand. This is just the beginning.

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