New Collection

So excited to share this news, SP has been approved for European made luxury lingerie, and yes I’m hype as ever! I haven’t had the time to set down and shop yet but believe me you’re going to love it.

Luxury Lingerie was in the future for SP because we are a new company and luxury brands were turning us down, left and right. Today we were approved and can’t to introduce Sophisticated Luxuries.

Why European?

It’s a competitive industry with social media ads and influencers you have to stand out, let people know why your different and why they should buy from you. Online business especially.

Upscale polished producers are becoming more and more important. Their designs are eagerly bought and the quality of Polish products is praised around the world. Polished producers clothing is made according to modern, trendy, yet comfortable and stylish designs. It is sewn of natural materials, which significantly improves the quality of clothes and underwear. That’s why Polish clothing is very durable and long-lasting.


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Owner of Sophisticated Pleasures Online Lingerie Emporium. New entrepreneur with big plans for my company and brand. This is just the beginning.

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