Being as though I’ve found a permanent home for Sophisticated Pleasures I’m trying to figure out what to do with this site? I wanted to blog but with getting an online boutique together, I won’t have the time. Besides, blogging isn’t what it is right, when there’s Youtube. I have suggested to a Youtube channel, but that just not me. I don’t really want the spotlight I’m cool in the background.

Anyway I’ve been thinking about using my little site to advertise businesses in Philly, black businesses, and businesses of my choice. Everybody could use the opportunity to get in the eyes of the right people and even though I have a small following, I still have a platform.

So on the coming days I’ll be posting businesses, business owners stories, IG pages, and all that good stuff. I’ll continue to post about my journey into the lingerie industry, along with posting featured items to sell on here.

Well that’s my update for now.

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