So as you all know I like to post about my journey into entrepreneurship. Well yesterday I recieved my EIN and I’m super excited. Just a step closer to having things in order. At this moment the tiniest bit of progress made satisfies me. I look at it as a step closer.

I have my offical account with merchant I’ve been using and I’m looking into another one and since I can’t get a business loan and my Gofundme isn’t doing well, I’ve applied for a line of credit and hope one of the two come through for me. If not I’ll just find another way to over this funding obstacle. I’ve been reaching out to family to help also, but to no avail. But its going to come together for me, watch and see.

I’m slso thinking about doing this one on one class work a serial entrepreneur by the name of Micosjewelrybox. I love her Instagram page she puts you onto information people seem to wanna holds to themselves. So for that I’ll be drawing up a business plan. I’m also going to start a survey to better manage my inventory, look for that soon also. I’ll post it here and on my social media accounts.

Well thats all for now and remember I have stockings for sale $5 to $8!!!!

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Owner of Sophisticated Pleasures Online Boutique

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