My Journey

So its going on 4 months that SP has been in business and can I say I’ve learned a lot and merchandise been moving slow. I didn’t have enough selections to chose from and mainly for my Plus Size women who have been messaging me about their sizes.

I’ve found the merchants that I want to use use for my Plus size and I’m so excited that one of my favorite brands goes up to a size 4x, I smiled so hard looking at the catalog. My only issue with that is I have to obtain an EIN number in order to use them, which I already was applying for just waiting for some freed up funds to handle that part. So basically I’m working and even though at times I’m ready to throw the towel in, my gut tells me otherwise.

So right now I’m trusting the process and everyday I’m coming up with ideas to get Sophisticated Pleasures off the ground. I knew this wasn’t going to be an easy venture but like always I look a challenge in the face and wink at it!!


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Owner of Sophisticated Pleasures Online Boutique

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