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We can’t obtain a business loan for various reasons, one being that I have get some legal matters handled which something I plan to handle with the gofundme funds, so I decided 3 months ago to start a gofundme. I don’t come from a city where people are flocking to help others, and out of the 340 people that viewed so far I’ve only rreached $85 of my $6500 goal.

I really have huge plans for boutique but without the funding it will take longer for me to reach my dreams (giving up isn’t happening) and I would appreciate any amount. My thing was to reach 1500 people who are willing to donate $5 and I’ll reach GOAL!!!

I was kind of shy about doing gofundme but once I realized how bad I wanted this I just went on and made the campaign. I mean its a business startup section on Gofundme so why not utilize it. So I hope to reach a few people who’s been in my shoes before and want to help someone or just a person who van feel where I’m coming from and would like to help someone woth their success.

Thanks in Advanced. And your allowed to share the link. There is a page on the blog linked to my Gofundme and clicking below will take you there directly there from here. Click the link on the page and please please donate!!

Donations to take SP further

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