Sophisticated Pleasures is a Online Lingerie Emporium, meaning we sell everything that has to do with lingerie, from bedroom pieces, to sexy club wear and accessories. As a new company we are trying to interact more with our customers more to figure what they like, dislike, might like, and to have a save haven for us to have women talk.

SP blog is here to promote Sophisticated Pleasures but to also bring women together for great conversations, laughs, heart to hearts, and empowerment. I started SP while I was down on my luck, I mean completely down on my luck and trying to find an outlet. I enjoy helping people and giving advice and peptalks, and I’m great in the being sexy and getting sexy area. I love being a women and being admired and adored along with lingerie collecting. So here I am with Sophisticated Pleasures. I’ve empowered myself and would love to pass the empowerment on and also receive more empowerment.

So please follow our blog, comment, like, and please interact with me.



-Sophisticated Pleasures “Keeping Women Sexy One Piece at a Time”.