I was inspired to create this page after years of procrastination and not believing in myself anymore. Days turned into weeks and weeks into months, and y’all know the rest. But I’m here now so let’s not dwell on the past. A place that where you can get stuck and become stifled. I’ve been stifled enough but that’s a totally different story, maybe during this journey I’ll get the heart to share. But until then let’s keep it positive.

I’m Jenell aka JReid, which I rather go by, its my pen name, my handle, whatever you wanna call it but its mine and I stand by it 100%. I’m an inspiring writer, not scratch that author, from Philadelphia (Superbowl Champs) who’s finally taking the leap of faith and I don’t plan on landing flat on my face. For years I’ve been writing but never completed an entire novel but will be featuring my work on this blog, trust me you’ll be coming back for more.

This isn’t a Blog about just one individual topic. I’m an informative person who has as opinion on just about everything and can discuss almost any topic. I’m an inquisitive who wants to know a little about everything and as much as possible. As you’ll see during my posting. I’m use explicit language as if it were my second one, and not because my vocabulary is weak, that’s just what I do. This is blog is as if we were sitting around talking face to face. It’s all me and as real as I can get.

So without further ado………